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nucleo concordia 2022 plan2.jpg
nucleo concordia 2022 plan4 copy.jpg



- x6 Amplified Pro-Monitors Speakers(Ej. Bose L1or S1)

- x8-16 Led Stage Lights

x1 Moog Synth

- 32x32 Square Ft Wood and rubber mats top

-Control Station (elevated table)

Permanent Security Person

"It's an interactive spatial music installation, aims to show the visitor an exclusive auditory rhythmic-harmonic experience.

A visual disconnection based on original electronic compositions generating ambient analog synthesizer programs and interactive progressive percussive sequences, acoustic recordings and geometrical harmonic systems created especially for the piece. The music composition is organized in a way that creates an audio movement environment of three hundred and sixty degrees reproduced by a multi-channel sound system. The space uses motion sensors that activate synthesizers and percussive elements guided by the movement of the participants.

With this, the work looks for the active participation of the visitor and seeks to raise the imagination of the the inner self. 

It's a moment for a sonic IMMERSION. "  

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